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Bibi's Road TripBibi's Road Trip is a documentary film project following the adventures of Bibi, a 7-year-old talking African Gray Parrot. Bibi can talk in complete sentences and can even hold simple conversations.
Over 2 million people have watched Bibi's daily broadcast on Ustream, and her Youtube channel has more than 1.4 Million views and more than 1000 subscribers. Bibi has thousands of dedicated fans from all over the world. She has also made a number of public appearances, including being a "featured speaker" at the Fuller Future Festival at Southern Illinois University. Bibi is also a therapy bird, providing entertainment and comfort to people who really need it, and it is this role that led to the idea of Bibi's Road Trip.
Many of Bibi's fans want to meet Bibi in person. Since it isn't possible for many of them to travel to meet Bibi, Bibi is traveling to meet them. Click here for Bibi's current itinerary.    

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